Dummy cameras and loud music equally good in preventing burglaries

Dummy cameras and loud music equally good in preventing burglaries

WHETHER they are staying in a landed property or high rise condominium, it generally suffices for Malaysians to just shut their main doors with their usual locks when they leave home either for work, morning marketing, or even an evening dinner gathering.

For those who will be away for a week or so, an additional lock or chain will do just fine in securing their homes. To them, that will work.

But then, wouldn’t putting in better security measure that prevents a break-in a better option than preventing the burglars from prying open the locks and chain?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

How do we go about doing it?

One simple and easy way is installing dummy security cameras outside the property’s main door.

This trick works perfectly well in bluffing the potential intruders who may have ideas of trying leap-frog over your gates or pry open your locks.

It looks more convincing by attaching wires to the cameras that lead back into the house.

“The first thing that thieves do is to observe if there are any cameras installed at the front entrance. If spotted, they will naturally, pass this property and try their luck elsewhere.

“It is psychological. No one in his right frame of mind will be that smart and bold enough to bulldoze his way into the property, knowing very well that their faces will be fully captured in camera.

“Besides, they can’t be wearing a face mask while standing outside the property the intend to break-in.

“Believe me, this scarecrow tactic works,” said veteran private investigator S. Subramaniam.

If installing dummy cameras is impossible, Subramaniam suggested another cheap trick by turning on the lights and music before leaving your home.

“This is to create an illusion that we are at home now. So, stay away from us.”

He however added that it was imperative for those who leave home for their daily work early in the morning until late in the evening to turn on their music or radio.

Although primitive in nature, these are indeed some of the most effective safety mechanisms to safeguard our homes.
Stay safe.

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